Israel Beyond Politics
Ronda Robinson

The Book

The charm of Israel comes to life with stories and photos of its colorful Jewish citizens. Beyond Politics: Inspirational People of Israel features 18 amazing souls, such as the plucky “Chicken Lady of Jerusalem,” Clara Hammer, who in her 70s started a charity fund out of her own pocket to give poor Jews a chicken dinner on the Sabbath. Her mitzva grew until she was feeding 250 families a week, with the support of donors worldwide.

Beyond Politics is designed to show life in Israel behind the headlines. It offers a welcome balance to the way Israel often is presented in the news. This beautiful book puts a human face to Israel with illuminating stories of people who take a stand for their dreams.

Part of Israel’s magic is the extraordinary mosaic of people who make up the population. These vibrant stories capture a variety of secular and religious Israelis of all backgrounds, from an Iraqi-born chef who specializes in Biblical cooking to the first Ethiopian member of Knesset.

Prepare to be moved and inspired by the passion, courage, love and humor of ordinary Israelis living in extraordinary times.